Drachten 112

In collaboration with Karel Martens, LUST designed a LED installation for the monitoring station in Drachten, NL. Together, we developed a low bit typeface for displaying the names of different emergency services in the Netherlands, as well abstract patterns. It also displays the number of calls per day to the Dutch emergency number 1-1-2.

I joined the project in the later stages to help refine the typeface and animations and design novel ones. I also traveled to Drachten to unveil and launch the installation.

Drachten 1

Drachten Installation View

Drachten Installation Drone Video

Drachten Installation Timelapse

Drachten Closeup

Drachten Installation LED Closeup

Drachten 2

Drachten Installation Alternate View

Drachten Night

Drachten Installation Night View

Drachten Night 2

Drachten Installation Night Alternate View

Drachten Counter

Counter Animation

Drachten Interface

Installation RNDR Interface