New Work
Yet to be filed
Senior thesis show
Monti Sans
Font created by chopping the serifs off Princeton Monticello
Type by Association
In Type by Association, the history of the font Monticello and Princeton University's identity is first examined, then disturbed, and finally contributed to by the introduction of the last and final descendent of Monticello, Monti Sans.
Pink Label
Website for a fictional brand grounded in real-time distribution, zine serialization, products, and identity.
Vertical Cities
Exhibition guide for a Yale School of Architecture exhibition.
*a graphic design exhibition*
Curation (led by David Reinfurt) and design of a graphic design exhibition at Princeton and its corresponding website.
house of vis
Curation (led by Jeff Whetstone) and design of a show of recent work by Princeton Visual Arts students.
Identity and website for the Princeton Visual Arts program.
Incognito Mode
Installation that explores how freely we give up our privacy information in the digital age.
In Transition
Academic research project developing a robotic bench that uses machine learning to evolve its behavior in a space.
VIS Junior Show
Body of work produced during my Junior year exhibited as part of a group show.
CNL 40419
Film exploring liminal spaces and transition.
VIS Junior Show Design
Design of printed matter for the Princeton Visual Arts program's annual Junior group show.
Emergent Behavior
Music based interactive installation exploring emergent behavior from dividing cells.
Manifesto on process being just as important (if not more) than the final outcome.
Snakes on a Plane
Participatory music piece in Max/MSP where each user operates their own snake and sounds are produced when paths intersect.
RNG OneBox
Design of a random number generator for use in Google Search results.
SPAN 2016
Design, prototyping, and implementation of the website for Google's annual design conference.
Interaction design of concepts for new methods for online content consumption.
Interactive data visualization development and research for the TREsPASS project, funded by the EU.
The Modular Body
Design and development of a website exploring new media narratives about a modular living organism.
Verizon DBIR
Interactive Data Visualization visualization development and research for Verizon's annual Data Breach Investigations Report.
The Bigger Picture
Novel data visualization website about the refugee crisis in Europe.
Drachten 112
Development of animations for a LED installation in Drachten, NL.
Museum of the Future 2016
Graphic and interaction design for the Museum of the Future exhibition in Dubai, UAE.
Pixel Lapse
Exploring digital diaries through pixel sorting in the form of a Twitter bot.
On Typography
The New Typography
Visualizing the differences between two color spaces using an RGB LED and an inkjet printer.
Self initiated poetry metal typesetting.
Stop Go
Princeton E-Club
Design and branding for the Princeton Entrepreneurship Club.