Verizon DBIR

The TREsPASS project is an EU funded project aimed at reducing security incidents by integrating European expertise on socio-technical security into a widely applicable and standardized framework. As a member of the TREsPASS consortium, LUST was responsible for all visualization and graphic design work of the project. This included modeling and visualization of complex security data.

As part of the project, LUST worked with Verizon on creating novel visualizations for their 2016 Data Breach Investigations (DBIR) report, which is a yearly report that collects real world data on security breaches breaches from 85 content providers and synthesizes them to provide insights into the whole security attack scene. We worked on making data from their attack graph more digestible.

Our approach for visualization was based off the arc diagram that Martin Wattenberg developed in 2002. More information can be found in part 5 of the paper or in the online visualization.

VZW DBIR Main View

DBIR Visualization Main View

VZW DBIR Main Hover

Main View on Node Hover

VZW DBIR Node Detail

Main View Node Detail

VZW DBIR All Nodes

All Nodes View

VZW DBIR Comparison

2016/2015 Data Comparison

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