VIS Junior Show Design

For the Princeton Visual Arts program’s annual Junior show, I designed all the printed matter related to the show including posters, postcards, vinyl, and an exhibition guide.

Conceptually, I wanted to capture the unique and interdisciplinary nature of the Visual Arts program. To do so, I asked every Junior to design a sticker for themselves and pick a color that represents them. I then designed a poster with a lot of negative space so that it could be later filled with the stickers of the artists. The stickers were laser printed and cut using a vinyl cutter. There were 21 versions of the poster, each backgrounded with an artist’s color of choice. Thus, the poster is meant to be about the spirit of collaboration uniqueness that is so prevalent throughout the program.

Completed Poster

Completed Poster


Postcard Front and Back


All Collected Posters


All Collected Stickers


Exhibition Poster


Postcard Front


Postcard Back